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December 29, 2011

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Three Ways To Show Your Heart Some Love

In an effort to prevent heart disease, Our Lady of the Lake is partnering with the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association to bring the "My Heart, My Life" program to our patients, guests, team members, and the community. The initiative includes onsite walking paths and teaching gardens, and other healthy initiatives. How can you monitor and preserve your heart health?

  1. Be aware. Read up on the signs of a heart attack and symptoms that indicate stroke, and know what to do in an emergency.
  2. Check in. Find out where your heart health stands by taking the My Life Check assessment. For just a few minutes of your time, you receive a customized online solution to start making positive changes for a long, healthy future.
  3. Move. Whether following the interior or exterior OLOL walking paths or taking a stroll around the neighborhood, getting your pulse going is a definite plus for your heart.

You can stop heart disease before it even starts. Make one change today, start small, and keep it simple. Before you know it, you’ve started making better choices.

If you are at risk for heart issues or stroke, it's important that you talk with a specialized doctor to determine your best plan of care for a healthy life. Find a cardiologist or neurologist today.

Make 2012 a Year to Remember by Planning Ahead for Healthier Choices

A regular day can be daunting for anyone trying to maintain a healthy diet.  Here are some quick tips for making those cravings manageable:

  • Remember the basics. Eat moderate portions and seek out proteins, veggies and fruit. Be sure to stop eating when you’re full.
  • Plan ahead for festivities. Never walk into a social event hungry. Eat a healthy snack or meal before you go. Keep a sugar-free drink in your hand. Being able to sip instead of munch will pay off in the long run.
  • Cooking at home? Modify favorite recipes with healthier ingredients. Does your family love green bean casserole? Use fat-free mushroom soup and just a handful of onions instead of the whole can. Is pumpkin pie a favorite at your house? Make it with Splenda this year. Chances are, no one will notice a change in flavor, but everyone could notice a change for the better in their cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Go easy on the alcohol. Drinks are calorie nightmares, and the more you drink, the more you nibble. Since alcohol lowers inhibitions at the buffet, it’s best to intake in moderation. If you drink, remember: wine or light beer is lower in calories; sweet, fruity concoctions are high in carbs and calories.
  • Don’t forget to exercise. You might be busy, but taking time to relieve stress is important. Start the new year off right my making a family tradition of taking a walk together after meals.
  • Social events are about more than just food. If you focus on socializing and talking more than on eating, you’ll walk away from the event with a full heart and healthy stomach.

Find more information on weight loss options from Our Lady of the Lake.

New Technology at OLOL Children's Hospital Allows Doctors To Save Even More Kids' Lives

Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital is now home to the Retcam3, new technology that offers the next generation of ophthalmic visualization and photo documentation to document child abuse in the form of Shaken Baby Syndrome and other unrelated eye disorders. This piece of equipment takes photos of the retina in suspected cases of “shaken baby syndrome” or other head injuries caused by abuse. According to a report in the July 26, 2010, issue of Pediatrics, journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the “most common ocular manifestation of abuse is retinal hemorrhage … Retinal hemorrhages have been recognized as a key indicator of abusive head injury for more than 30 years, particularly in association with severe repetitive acceleration-deceleration forces with or without blunt head impact, in children younger than 5 years.”

“It’s an amazing piece of equipment,” said OLOL Children’s Hospital pediatric intensivist Dr. Kelechi Iheagwara, “It’s unbelievable that we actually have it.”

As she explained, up until now, when a physician suspected child abuse, in particular shaken baby syndrome, they had to rely on verbal descriptions and drawings to explain to a jury the damage done to a child. “You know that saying, ‘A picture’s worth a thousand words?’ Well, now for the first time, we can present a picture in court as evidence to the damage,” she said. “We can prove retinal hemorrhage with this machine because it allows us to see the damage. It’s hard-core evidence no one can argue with, and it makes everybody’s job (doctors, lawyers, judges, jurors) easier. It’s cutting-edge technology right here in Baton Rouge.”

OLOL Honored with Consumer Choice Award for 13th Consecutive Year

For the thirteenth consecutive year, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center has been selected by the National Research Corporation (NRC) as the Consumer Choice Award winner for the hospital with the highest overall quality and image in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area.  Consumer Choice award winners are determined by consumer perceptions on multiple quality and image ratings collected in NRC Ticker study. The 2011-2012 NRC Ticker study surveyed more than 250,000 households representing 450,000 consumers in the contiguous 48 states and the District of Columbia.

Feeling sick and need to get better and back to work? Pop over to Lake Quick Care for an hour.

When you’re not quite 100% but can’t spare time for a doctor’s appointment, Lake Quick Care is the answer for you. The downtown clinic is a quick and convenient option to treat common minor illnesses while avoiding long wait times and appointment scheduling.  Just check in at Lake Quick Care from your office, walk in to the Third Street location, be seen, get well, and get back to work.

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